Woman Scammed By Breeder Claims Her Dog’s Fur Was Dyed

When a woman was gifted a tiny puppy for her birthday, she was told it was an 8-week-old male red-brown Maltipoo. However, she soon discovered she’d been scammed, and her dog’s hair wasn’t even red-brown but white!

The little pup’s owner became suspicious after the breeder refused to send his vaccination records. In fact, the breeder wasn’t responding to any messages at all.

The little pup, named Porter, was really small and seemed lethargic, and with the breeder’s lack of communication, his owner became worried.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

She rushed the dog to the vet and discovered that Porter wasn’t actually a boy, but was a girl. She was only 4-5 weeks old, wasn’t vaccinated, and wasn’t even a Maltipoo!

After knowing they’d been scammed, Porter’s owner noticed something else: Porter’s fur had been dyed to look a red-brown color. In reality, she was white!

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She shared story on TikTok in the video below:


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Many people suspected that Porter’s fur wasn’t actually dyed in the comments of a different TikTok video highlighting the fur.

They believed she just grew out of her puppy fur.


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While it’s true that some dogs’ fur does change colors, especially when growing from a puppy to an adult, it usually doesn’t grow out quite like Porter’s fur did (nor does it usually change so drastically).

Apparently, selling dyed puppies is actually a somewhat common scam. Using dye and lying about the type of dog, gender, vaccination status, etc., allows scammers to sell sick or stolen dogs for higher price points.

To prevent scams like this, you can support reputable rescues and always adopt – don’t shop!

You can follow Porter on TikTok and Instagram!

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