Dog Breed Reveal Party: How To Plan One, and Why Your Dog Will Thank You

3. Howl for joy!

Once the results are revealed, there will likely be some breeds that didn’t surprise you and some that left you scratching your head. It’s not uncommon to have a few surprises in there (you’d never guess this dog has Great Pyrenees in her)!

And now that you know more about your favorite pal, you should of course spend time learning about the represented breeds and see if you and your friends can spot the marks of the more obscure breeds in your dog. Dog your friendly little lapdog have a German shepherd for an ancestor? If so, can you see it in her long noble nose, perhaps? We recommend having some dog breed books on hand so that people can look them up as a group and see full-color pictures. A quick stop at your library or pet store should supply plenty of books with fun breed information.

Photo: AdobeStock/YakobchukOlena
Photo: AdobeStock/YakobchukOlena

4. Make It Count

Some breed reveal parties are set up to support local shelters or breed-specific charities. See what your local shelter needs and have each friend bring a can of dog food (or squeaky toy, or towel, etcetera). Or friends can place dollar bills or coins into the jar with the name of the breed they think best represents Fido, and the proceeds can go to the animal-loving charity of your choice. Your breed-reveal party will not only be fun and help you learn more about your dog, but it could support other animal pals and perhaps inspire your friends to become adopters. Now that’s something worth celebrating!

Photo: AdobeStock/agnormark
Photo: AdobeStock/agnormark

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5. Make a Plan

Once that party dies down and the guests, furry and otherwise, have gone home, plan to bring up your breed information the next time you visit the vet. You’ll want to discuss any disease your dog is predisposed for or any questions you may have about his or her breed characteristics.

Even if you and your pup are not into the party scene and would love to find out breed DNA results just the two of you on the couch, knowing more about your dog’s breed can help you better understand his or her behavior and plan for his or her future. Wag on, friends!

Practice Your Breed Expertise! “Next” to guess dog breeds based on cute wet dog noses!


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