Dog Breed Reveal Party: How To Plan One, and Why Your Dog Will Thank You

Have you been invited to one of those super-trendy and seemingly ubiquitous baby gender reveal parties? What are they having—a boy or girl? Will the balloons be pink or blue? Pink latte foam or blue latte foam?

While it’s fun to find out if your friends are going to be welcoming a boy or girl (while enjoying free cupcakes, of course), when the balloons are popped, they’re going to reveal one of two possibilities—either a boy or a girl.

That’s why we’re all in favor of a new kind of party designed specifically for dog-parents with a pup of somewhat ambiguous background. Thanks to handy home DNA tests for your canine companion, adopters who don’t know Fido’s complete doggie genetic makeup can order a test, swab their pup’s cheek, and send in the sample to find out all the different breeds that came together to make your dog his or her unique self.

Photo: AdobeStock/Ljupco Smokovski
Photo: AdobeStock/Ljupco Smokovski

While people who aren’t pet parents may think a breed reveal party is silly (“It’s just a dog!”) think about this: you won’t reveal simply one of two sexes—you’ll reveal a specialized mix of dog breeds, some expected and some not-so-expected, that have come together to make your perfect pup. Each breed revealed will shed light on your dog’s quirks, traits, and dashing good looks.

But while celebrating the many facets of your faithful mutt definitely deserves a party, there are other great reasons to reveal your dog’s genetics. DNA tests can tell you what health conditions are concerns for your dog. Some dogs have genetic diseases that will manifest later in life, like glaucoma, but by knowing about these conditions ahead of time, you can work with your vet to make changes now that might have big impacts on your dog’s health later.

A test can also reveal your dog’s genetic age and ideal weight, and with this information, you can take the best possible care of your furry pal.

Photo: AdobeStock/pauchi
Photo: AdobeStock/pauchi

So tell your skeptical friends that you are throwing this party for health reasons, definitely not just because you want to have a party for the best dog ever. Now… time for planning!

5 Essential Breed-Reveal Party Tips

1. Curate the Guest List

Will you invite friends with four legs as well as two? If so, be sure to put out bowls of water and have plenty of dog and human snacks. And, since you don’t know how the manners of the furrier guests will stack up, you may want to dog-proof your house. If you invite human friends who are dog-friendly but not necessarily dog-savvy, consider only serving snacks that will be safe for dogs if someone decides to slip the pups a treat (watch out for these 13 foods that are unsafe for dogs).

Try these Seven Delicious Dog Snacks to really impress your more food-motivated guests. If you’d prefer for you own canine companion to be the only star of the show, then simply invite the human friends that you know the two of you get along with.

Photo: AdobeStock/Africa Studio
Photo: AdobeStock/Africa Studio

2. Invite Everyone to make their best guess!

Since your special mutt could represent the best of a number of breeds, you might create a chart where folks vote for what breeds they think are best represented, or have everyone write down their top three picks and see who gets the closest. Creating a poster with dog stickers might be helpful for your less dog-savvy friends.

If you think your dog would like a say in the matter, create a chart on the floor with squares marked out for different breeds. Put a treat on each square and see which treats he or she eats first—that can count as your dog’s vote!

If you want to be surprised along with your guests, be sure to have a friend or family member who is good at keeping secrets help you set up your creative reveal gimmick. Or you could go classic and write the name of each of your dog’s main breeds and put them in separate balloons. When all the balloons are popped, your pup’s heritage is revealed! Have fun with it!

Photo: AdobeStock/jstaley4011
Photo: AdobeStock/jstaley4011

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