Boy Jumps In Pool To Save Dog Struggling To Swim

Many pet owners would do anything for their pets. While there are neglectful owners out there, most of us just want the best for our pets and would go far out of our way to ensure their health and safety. After all, they’re a member of the family too.

One pet owner got the chance to prove just how dedicated he was to his dog, and he’s being hailed a hero because of it.

11-year-old Matheus Felipe of Brazil was at home when he heard a noise outside. It was pretty dark out, but it sounded like someone or something was thrashing about in the swimming pool.

Photo: Facebook/A Gazeta ES

He quickly ran outside to investigate and discovered his rottweiler, Nitro, had fallen into the pool and was fighting to stay above water.

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Without hesitation, Felipe launched himself into the water and got to his beloved pup as quickly as possible. He got under the dog and pushed him up until Nitro was able to grab ahold of the side of the pool and pull himself out.

Photo: Facebook/A Gazeta ES

Once the two were safely out of the water, Nitro gave Felipe all the licks and kisses, almost as if he was saying, “thank you!”

The heroic rescue was captured on security footage, which A Gazeta ES shared on Facebook.

Check it out below:

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