8-Year-Old Boy Starts A Fundraiser To Rescue Dogs From The Meat Trade

A young boy has raised over $5,000 with a bike-riding fundraiser to help save dogs from the meat trade.

8-year-old Rhys Stevens knew he needed to do something to help the dogs after watching a documentary on the meat trade, according to a release from China Rescue Dogs. The documentary left Stevens notably upset, but rather than feeling helpless, he decided to do something.

The boy, based in Willingham, England, started a fundraiser to help dogs be saved from the meat trade. With the help of his mom, Kat Stevens, Rhys was ready to get to work riding his bike for money.

Photo: Facebook/Kat Stevens

He decided to donate any earnings he made to China Rescue Dogs, a nonprofit based out of Vass, North Carolina. That organization has a mission to “rescue and rehabilitate dogs from the meat trade in China and provide them with loving homes in the U.S. and Canada.”

Photo: Pixabay

The fundraiser started with his Willingham friends, family, and neighbors. For each mile Rhys rode on his bike, those people would pitch in a certain amount of money to the cause. He quickly raised around $400 – pedaling away to save the pups.

Photo: Pixabay

Once word began to spread, people from around the world began to donate to his mission. To date, he’s surpassed his $2,495 goal and raised $5,155 for the nonprofit. Way to go, Rhys!

Naturally, Kat is extremely proud of her son. She shared in the release, “Rhys is passionate about dogs and animal in general. He just wants to do good things and make a difference.”

Photo: Facebook/Kat Stevens

The rescue assigned Rhys a specific dog to raise money for, a one-and-a-half-year-old husky named Lola. According to the release, Lola was found suffering on the streets, malnourished with severe skin disease. The money Rhys donates will help relocate Lola out of China, which will cost about $2,500.

Photo: Facebook/Kat Stevens

While that was his initial goal, he’s surpassed that and the extra money he raises could go to locate and rescue dogs from “imminent harm” in China, and help the organization treat those dogs, socialize them, and transport them to Canada or the US where they will be placed in loving forever homes.

In the release, Rhys said, ““I feel very happy that I’m doing this. I feel very excited that the money I am raising is helping Lola to get to her new home. I love dogs so much and this makes me very happy.”

You can donate to Rhys’ cause through his Facebook page.

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