Woman Creates Special Pouch For Her Rescue Cat To Take Him Traveling Around The Country

When most people picture pet cats, they imagine them lounging around on sofas or sleeping in soft patches of sunlight.

They’re not known for being the most adventurous animals, but one woman is hoping to change the public’s perception of that.

Doina Muravschi adopted Bounty over a year ago from a woman who was looking to get rid of him. Muravschi didn’t want to see the little feline go to the shelter, so she offered him a forever home – something that would change both of their lives forever!

Bounty the traveling cat
Photo: Pexels/Brixiv

Since adopting Bounty, the two have gone on numerous adventures throughout Italy, participating in cycling tours, mountaineering, and camping!

Muravschi started a Facebook page to document their adventures together and has gained hundreds of followers.

In an interview with La Repubblica, she explained that she made a special backpack just for Bounty so he could join her on adventures and travels.

She said, “I made a backpack by hand especially for him, because for some journeys the pet carrier is not suitable. To test it I climbed the Grignetta and he appreciated it very much. never complained.”

It seems the cat may be the first feline to hike to the top of the 7,100-foot mountain in the Italian Alps, and without so much as a “meow” of protest!

“Together we’ve already gone on trips of more than a month—last autumn, when we went from Ballabio to Matera by bike. At the start, Bounty was a little agitated, but after the first few days started to enjoy himself. While I peddled, he slept in the carrier,” she explained La Repubblica.

Her hope is to educate the public on cats and break the stereotype that cats should be kept indoors, doing little more than playing with mouse toys and scratch pads. They can experience life and go on adventures, just like dogs!

Watch her video below:

You can keep up with Doina and Bounty on Facebook here!

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