Start Your Day Off With A Smile, And 15 Pictures Of These Adorable Bottle Babies

Someone say folurma?

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It’s called ‘formula,’ and it’s fantastic

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I love starting my day off with formula

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We love ending it that way, too

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It helps me grow

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It’s got what babies crave

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Formula coma

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Gimme more formula

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Animal shelters are overwhelmed every spring and summer when the kitten population explodes. Sadly, many of these animals will be euthanized. They are typically in desperate need of nutrition. The youngest Bottle Babies rely on specialized formula and the care of shelter workers to survive.

Sadly, many shelters are underfunded and unable to provide enough formula, bottles, and necessary supplies to go around.

Your purchase of PetAg formula feeding kits on behalf of shelters means that you’ll be giving helpless puppies and kittens a chance to survive, thrive, and be happy in a forever home.

You can bring euthanasia rates down, save lives, and put these animals in loving homes.

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