Start Your Day Off With A Smile, And 15 Pictures Of These Adorable Bottle Babies

Here’s something that will brighten your day; a fuzzy flurry of cute kittens who have a brighter life ahead, thanks to readers like you.

These kittens were brought to an animal shelter before their own mothers could wean them. They were found on the streets, and likely wouldn’t last much longer without food.

Thankfully, they are now being cared for by skilled vet technicians, with donations of PetAg feeding kits. Some day soon, they may even find loving forever homes.

See what we mean below.

Gots formula?

Source: GreaterGood

Yes, I gots formula

Source: GreaterGood

Hey, over here, I gots formula, too

Source: GreaterGood

Did someone say formula?

Source: GreaterGood

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Source: GreaterGood

We can’t get enough

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Pass out the formula!

Source: GreaterGood

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