Owner Has To Bribe Boston Terrier To Get Him Out Of The Swimming Pool

Dogs all have their own personalities and their own interests. No two dogs are alike.

When it comes to water, the stereotype about dogs being water lovers doesn’t always hold up. My dog, for example, hated water. She was such a little princess when it came to getting her paws wet. She liked trying to bite the sprinklers in the backyard during summer, but that was the extend of her enjoyment of water.

My friend’s dog, on the other hand, was the complete opposite. He loved the water so much, my friend would often joke that he must’ve been part seal.

Photo: Pixabay/Avi’s Colors

Whenever he was around a pool or an ocean, there was no getting him out. In fact, my friend would often have to keep him firmly on a leash in order to avoid him being lost to the water.

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Much like my friend’s dog, there is an adorable video that shows how one Boston Terrier refuses to get out of a little wading pool.

Photo: YouTube/Rumble Viral

The footage features an adorable pooch named Thor, whose owner has a hard time getting him out of the pool.

In the video clip, Thor is seen happily getting into the pool before he begins to splash around and enjoy himself. But when it’s time to get out, the little pup refuses to get back out. His owner tries and tries to call the dog out, but he is not budging.

Photo: YouTube/Rumble Viral

What makes the clip so hilarious, is that Thor is straight-up ignoring his owner, pretending that he can’t hear her calling his name and telling him to get out. That is when Mom is left no other choice but to try and bribe the dog to leave the water.

Watch the adorable video below:

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