Synchronized Sneaking Ends In A Burst Of Border Collie Action

Border Collies are very intelligent dogs. Probably the smartest, if you ask their humans.

They have a keen sense of focus that helps them herd flocks of sheep much more efficiently than their canine cousins.

Give a Border Collie a challenging task, and it can handle it easily, but leave them alone and they tend to get bored. And boredom can lead to destructive behavior around the house, as plenty of Border Collie owners can likely attest to. These dogs need plenty of play time and mental stimulation to thrive.

This pack of Border Collies is taking a break from herding, and a few of them have something playful in mind.

It’s almost as if they know the routine already!

Watch their synchronized sneaking end in a burst of Border Collie action in the video below.

Do you think the Collie Walk will catch on this summer?

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