This Baby May Not Have Human Siblings, But He Is In Good Hands and Paws

Kasey told the Huffington post that all of the Boggs’ animals are equally attached to Sonny in their own unique way. Roxy loves to watch Sonny snooze and curls up next to him during naptime. Meanwhile, Edith and Rosie respond to his cries and make sure that Kasey and Blake hear his cries when he is upset as well.

Just look at the beautiful picture of Sonny with his adorable security guard.

Credit Instgram/88kncorbett
Credit Instgram/88kncorbett

“My pets have helped prepare me for motherhood because they let me have the honor of being their mom first,” Kasey told the Huffington Post. We hope that our gallery makes people happy and at the same time, educates them on responsible pet ownership and the true joy of having a rescue, or rescues as part of a family.”

If you’d like to keep up with the Boggs clan and check out more adorable pictures of Sonny and his friends, be sure to follow them on Instagram.

Sonny may not have any human brothers or sisters, but mom and dad won’t have to worry about anything happening to their little angel because he is in good paws!

Credit Instgram/88kncorbett
Credit Instgram/88kncorbett

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