Locals Shocked To See Man Slam His Own Dog Onto Busy Sidewalk

Warning: The following post contains disturbing images and content.

Most people discipline their dogs with a stern “no” or another simple admonishment. But one cruel man decided to punish his pit bull by forcefully slamming the dog onto a busy sidewalk in Vancouver, B.C.

“It was horrific to see, and I’ve been doing this for 40 years,” Eileen Drever, a senior officer with the B.C. Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), told CTV News, which shared widely-circulated video of the disturbing encounter.

Photo: YouTube/Now What

The video, which was filmed by a woman named Tiffany Mak, shows the man holding the pit bull above his head before suddenly throwing him onto the concrete. “We all ran at him and called the cops,” Mak told CTV News Vancouver. “It was heartbreaking.”

But the dog’s owner, when confronted by outraged bystanders, insisted that he could do whatever he wanted to “his” dog. Another witness reported the owner even tried to kick his dog in the head as it lay on the ground.

Photo: YouTube/Now What

Fortunately, police quickly arrived at the scene and arrested the dog’s owner, who was placed in handcuffs while the dog was rushed to an animal hospital. “We heard the whimpering,” said witness Dan Minaker, who had been walking his own dog nearby. “The dog was just shaking. It was wobbling while it walked.”

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Others doubt this is the first time the dog has experienced such shocking levels of abuse. “It was very disturbing,” said Drever, “and looking at the dog’s body language, that dog is suffering psychologically as well as physically.”

Photo: YouTube/Now What

One small measure of comfort is that this dog has been surrendered to the BC SPCA, where it can finally be safe while officers continue to investigate this incident. We sincerely hope this innocent pup finally gets the justice — and, at some point, the loving home — that he or she deserves.

Find out more about this shocking case in the video below!

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