People Can’t Get Enough Of The Bodega Cats On Social Media

Cats are such cute animals. They always look so cool with their ability to give zero cares about a thing in the world.

Anyone who loves cats has probably heard about the social media page, @Bodegacats_ which was first set up back in 2014. Since then, the page has gained almost 700K followers.

The page is a delightful compilation of cats inside bodegas. For those who don’t know what a bodega is, it’s essentially a small grocery store – almost like a convenience store – that is located in a Spanish-speaking neighborhood.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

All the little felines that call themselves honorary employees of these bodegas are absolutely adorable. Who couldn’t love a series of photos showing these cats just chilling inside their bodegas? Don’t forget that they also now have their own website where you can purchase Bodega Cat merch!

Check out our top six photos below:

1) This is Mine

This little black and white feline looks like he won’t let anyone buy the toilet paper anytime soon.

2) Always in a Box

When the product runs out, at least the box doesn’t go to waste.

3) Party Pooper

Someone might have enjoyed the hard seltzer just a little too much.

4) Can I Help You?

Looking for something? Just ask this lovely little shop assistant!

5) I’m Watching You

Don’t mind me.

6) Excuse Me, I’m Trying To Sleep

Don’t even think about asking for a basket with this sleepy feline around.

What do you think of the Bodega cats? Do you follow them on Twitter? Let us know!

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