Bobcat And Its Kitten Found A Favorite Hangout Spot In Woman’s Backyard

It seems like the bobcats in Arizona are a wholesome bunch.

PHOTO: Unsplash/Chandler Cruttenden

A retired teacher residing in Tucson, Arizona, was enjoying her days in her beautiful home that’s equipped with a golf putting green in their backyard when she captured a really cute video of a bobcat and its baby playing there.

The first video that Tracie Robbins posted of the duo has accumulated almost 6 million views on Twitter.

Before the viral video was posted, it was said that the bobcat and its kitten were already caught on camera multiple times already. “Sweet bobcat mama and kitten! Lots of entertainment in my backyard this morning,” Tracie captioned her first video. The other videos show the duo continuing to play in the backyard and using the golf balls as well.

As I scrolled Tracie’s timeline, it seems like bobcats aren’t the only visitors she gets in her backyard. She posted one video just 3 days after the bobcat duo, and it shows a quail family rushing to go across her backyard.

Looks like their home is surrounded by wildlife. After the quail video, Tracie posted another video of a javelina herd with their babies crossing the road just in front of their home. Rabbits also frequent their backyard, as seen in another video on Tracie’s Twitter.

One person commented that Tracie’s garden is like a Disney movie with all the creatures it attracts. They also said that they “assume some of the birds are singing a lovely melody in the background.” I, for one, agree.

The latest backyard video is the bobcat duo again, and the kitten doesn’t look like it’s getting tired of playing with the golf balls yet.

Tracie said in an interview that she noticed her basket of golf balls was tipped over and took that as a sign that the bobcats were visiting. “We may not see a bobcat for months, and then sometimes we’ll have visitors for several days in a row,” she added.

Watch the latest clip below.

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