Bobcat Takes A Giant Leap Of Faith Over Moving Water

Cats are naturally athletic creatures. Growing up, I had a little black cat who was the most graceful feline ever. He regularly impressed people with his ability to jump from the back of the sofa to the other side of the living room. And he did it with such ease. But that’s what cats do, they make the physically impossible look so magnificent.

And cats are cats, whether big or small. That is why they are majestic when jumping, whether they’re a big cat or a small one. And there is one big cat, a bobcat, that was thrilling the internet with its impressive jump across a large body of water.

The big cat was captured on film by Sudha Ramen, an Indian Forest Service official. In the video, the animal was crossing a bridge by leaping from pillar to pillar. Of course, that was pretty incredible in itself, however, when there came to be a gap in the bridge, it really got amazing. The big cat was then seen leaping from the pillar on one side of the bridge to the clean other side!

To say that the whole thing was impressive is an understatement. It really makes your jaw drop when you see the actual gap over water that the bobcat had to jump. It’s why cats are so cool!

According to the Daily Mail, the video was filmed at Louisiana’s Pecan Island lake. It’s already been circulating social media in droves, and has gained itself loads of likes and shares.

When Sudha uploaded the clip, he was sure to mention that we should all strive to be like the big cat when we take leaps of faith in life – and that sounds like pretty good advice.

Commenting on the post’s profound thoughts, one person wrote, “What a lovely message to sleepover and dream about. Good that this is the last thing I read before hitting the sack.”

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Piggybacking on the same idea that the big cat’s leap is the perfect metaphor for life, another person commented that people should use this as a lesson to not give up, no matter whether or not you fall.

Of course, there were also those who were just impressed by the animal’s giant leap, with plenty of comments about the fascination of how it managed to make it so effortless. One person called it, “such a magnificent & perfect jump.” And we definitely agree with that statement.

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