Millions Of People Have Fallen In Love With A Blue Shelter Cat Named Smurf

If you are like most people, you find cats to be irresistible and that certainly is true when they happen to be more adorable than the average cat.

Just taking a look at how popular cat pictures and videos are online shows how much of a love affair people have with these amazing animals.

Perhaps that is why it comes as no surprise that a video of a cat with blue fur left at an animal shelter has gone viral. It is the coloring that makes many people feel as if the feline was used as dog bait in a dogfighting ring.

Photo: TikTok/manicrandall

The video was posted on TikTok and since it went online, millions of people have both viewed and liked it.

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In the TikTok clip, Randall introduces the cat, that they named Smurf. As far as Smurf is concerned, it seems as if he is ready to say hello because he waves back at the camera.

Photo: TikTok/manicrandall

They then showed some additional pictures of Smurf, and you see how the feline looked when he came into the shelter. He had blue and purple patches in his coloring, with some of his ginger color showing through. Randall admits that they aren’t sure why Smurf was blue, but the cat didn’t seem to mind.


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Aside from the fact that his fur was dyed an odd color, he seems to be a normal and healthy feline. There were many people who were commenting about how cats dyed that color are often used as bait for dogfighting.

Reports from WLWT have shown that: “It’s common for dog fighters to take a bunch of kittens, dye them different colors and then cage them with a fighting dog and take bets.”

Photo: TikTok/manicrandall

Thankfully, Randall cleared the air and confirmed that Smurf wasn’t used as dogfighting bait. They explained that the cat’s previous owner had contacted the shelter and planned to pick him up, so they knew he had a home before arriving at the shetler. However, the owner never showed up in the provided time frame to claim Surf like they said they would, so he’s now awaiting his forever home.

As for his color, it seems he was professionally colored with a pet-friendly dye, so it’s not negatively affecting his health.


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We are just happy that he now has an opportunity for a better life in a loving forever home.

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