Dr. Blue And His Adorable Dog Bambi Teach Us All About Proper Pet Care

Being a pet parent isn’t just about the fun times, although the fun times are pretty darn great. We also have to be responsible. Proper grooming, diet, and health care is super important when it comes to pet parenting.

Health care doesn’t just mean vet visits. We also have to keep our pets active. Playtime is essential and all pets LOVE playtime. Humans too. Take your dog to the dog park, play some fetch in the yard, have a puppy playdate. Oh and cats LOVE to play too. Get some cat toys and have a ball. A well exercised pet is a happy pet. And exercise leads to healthy weight. And healthy weight leads to better health. And better health leads to a longer life. Wow, this stuff all makes sense!

Let’s not forget flea protection, dental duties, and proper diet. Treat time is always a fun time in my house. Look for treats that are yummy and healthy.

If you take good care of your pet, they will be around longer to take good care of you! High paw!

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