Dog With Skin ‘Like Stone’ Rescued From Euthanasia List

Life is hard for dogs on the streets, and sometimes they don’t receive the help that they need. It’s the sad reality that many dogs who are “rescued” from life as a stray are put directly onto the euthanasia list and not given a chance at life.

That was the fate of a small chihuahua named Blondie. When she was picked up as a stray from the streets of South Phoenix, the county didn’t think she was worth saving.

The young pup was covered from head to toe in a terrible skin condition, making her skin “like stone.” She didn’t have any hair; instead, scabs covered her body. In addition to her painful skin condition, Blondie was also quite nervous around humans.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

Despite those things, rescuers with Sky Sanctuary Rescue stepped in and offered to take Blondie and find her a proper home.

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One of the co-founders of that rescue, Caitlin Beall, decided to foster the timid pup and try to get her skin under control.

In an interview with The Dodo, Caitlin said, “Her whole body was just one giant scab.”

After visiting the veterinarian, it was determined that Blondie was suffering from a combination of several skin conditions. Caitlin started giving her medicated baths every day, and her skin slowly began to heal.

After a few weeks, her scabs were almost gone and it wasn’t long before the “stone” appearance of her skin had vanished! It took a whole two months for the pup to start growing any hair back.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

With Caitlin’s care, not only was Blondie’s skin improving, but her attitude was as well.

The young dog began to come out of her shell and show off her spunky personality. While Caitlin had only intended to foster Blondie, she knew she couldn’t give the dog up. So, Blondie became her foster fail.

Watch her transformation below:

Unfortunately, Sky Sanctuary Rescue announced that Blondie passed away in December 2020. She was suffering from an autoimmune condition that was attacking her kidneys. Caitlin had no idea but the disease until it was too late. While they fought to save Blondie, she ended up passing away peacefully in Caitlin’s arms.

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