Woman Spots A Dirty Dog In The Road, Then Finds Out He’s Been Missing For 6 Years

In 2011, Cynthia Lucas took her dog, Blizzy, out to use the bathroom, when suddenly, he ran away. Lucas and her family ran after Blizzy, but couldn’t find him. They put up fliers and searched for him for months near their Mississippi, but to no avail.

Six years later, a woman named Ginger Keenum was driving when a dog ran out in the road. She stopped short after noticing the dirty and matted pup. He ran off, but she followed. When the dog saw her, he ran right into her arms. It was like he knew he was going to be saved.

She posted a photo of the dog on Facebook, in the hopes that it’d lead her to his owners. When no one came forward, she took the dog to get him scanned for a microchip. Luckily he had one, and they were able to locate the family!

The Lucas family was shocked to hear that their beloved dog had been found, six years later. They were finally able to reunite with Blizzy, and this time, they’re never letting him go!

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