Blind Dog to the Rescue! Amazing!

Many of us believe in miracles. This story is certainly one of incredible fate. Norman was in a shelter scheduled to be euthanized when he was adopted two days after his he was set to die. His human just knew he was meant to be her dog. Soon after, she noticed that Norman was bumping into things. It was discovered that he was going blind and it would be a fast process. Although Norman was totally blind, he loved to play at a nearby beach. There, he could run and play and not worry about objects in his way.

One day, his human decided to take Norman to the beach when she normally was at work. I guess it was fate calling them there. At the same time, a young girl was swept up by the sudden tide and was quickly drowning. Her screams alerted Norman and he dove in to save her. With the sound of her voice, he swam to her. Once she was able to hold onto him, he towed her to shore with the sound of his human’s voice calling him in. Her life was saved by a blind dog! What a miracle!

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