How Inspiring! This Pup is Happy No Matter What!

Elvis was surrendered by his owners because he has a genetic disease that will one day lead to him going blind. It starts with a loss of night-vision, which has already happened to Elvis, and ends with complete blindness. They thought helping him make it through this dark transition would be too much work.

However, even though he’s losing his sight, he still loves to play catch, go for walks, and be loved!

Thanks to his fun-loving personality, Elvis is thriving in his foster home. Hopefully soon he’ll find his forever home, with a family that will love him despite his mild disability. You just have to see him in action!

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Matthew M. Sullivan holds a bachelor's degree in creative writing from Grand Valley State University, with emphases in fiction and nonfiction. He lives smack-dab between some railroad tracks and Grand Rapids Michigan's third-busiest road, and spends his time studying film and literary fiction.