What Happens When Two Blind Kitties Play Together

People may assume that a disability is mostly limiting, and that might be true for some things. However, playtime for Petunia and Frito is not limited one bit!

These two purr-ecious rescue kitties use their hearing, their paws and their whiskers to navigate their world. And, you will see, they are quite good at it! So good, in fact, that they are just as feisty and frisky as their seeing counterparts.

Petunia is a gorgeous black and white cat that will win your heart! She won mine! Her sweet little face is just too cute for words!


Frito, which is the purrfect name for an orange tabby, is a doll baby. Just look at him! That pink little nose! Awwww!


And when these two get together, the cuteness is off the charts! Watching them play is so exhilarating! Frito loves that ping pong ball. Whoa, he’s pretty fast!


Frito also loves his rainbow toy. I could seriously watch him and Petunia play all day long!


Thanks to rescuers at Best Friends Animal Society, these two blind cats are living the purrfect life. Let’s give these rescuers and kitties a giant shout out. YAY!

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