Blind Abandoned Pit Bull Is Looking For A New Family

When you are part of an animal rescue group, you never know what your day is going to hold and nobody knows this better than the animal rescuers who work with Lucky Dog Refuge.

They recently found a pit bull that had been abused and was left for dead when abandoned in the woods. It seems as if the dog was on the verge of giving up because she was suffering so greatly.

Stacey, one of the rescuers, took the dog back to the car by leading her along with food.

Photo: YouTube/Cute Dodo

She named the dog Halo. At first, the dog was skittish and couldn’t understand why people were being kind to her. They took Halo to a veterinarian where she was given a special diet and some antibiotics.

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The veterinarian also found out that she was completely blind. Stacey took her home and provided some foster care for her, although there were some difficulties along the way.

They were unsure if she was going to make it, but she managed to gain enough health that she could go to the main shelter of Lucky Dog Refuge in Stamford, Connecticut.

They then started looking for a forever home for Halo, letting people know that she is a mellow dog that would do well in a home with a yard. They also let them know that she loves ice cream.

Watch her story in the video below:

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