Dog Loses His Mind When He Sees Who’s Hiding Under The Blanket

When we go away, we miss our pets so much. It’s no wonder we can even enjoy ourselves without them by our side! The same goes for them. You totally know what I mean, you leave the house just to get the mail and when you return, your dog greets you like it’s been hours.

Imagine being gone longer… like on active duty, for a tour in Afghanistan or Iraq. The moments turn into days, which turn into weeks and so on. If being at the mailbox is too long to be away from them, then what does 6 months feel like?

When reuniting with his pup, this soldier thought it would be best to play a game so he could surprise him even more! The outcome is just too sweet for words.

Hey dad, is that you? Are you under there?




Okay, seriously, don’t leave me ever again!!!


The whole video plays out in the cutest way possible and reminds us all that our dogs would be glued to us if they had it their way. 🙂

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