The Seven Luckiest Black Cat Stories That Have Crossed OUR Paths

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5. The Sweetest (And Meanest) Cat In The World

From Scott, Desloge, MO

I work in a shipping dock office and had to work one Saturday morning to send a special shipment. I loaded the truck and I went to take care of the driver’s paperwork. He muttered something about kicking a cat. I said, “Excuse me?” He said that the black cat on the office steps had better be gone by the time he got out the door, or he would kick it across the parking lot. I looked out. On the steps was the cutest black kitten. She couldn’t have been more than a month old.

I told him that if he touched a hair on her head, he would have to deal with me. I’m kind of a big guy and the driver took me seriously. I went outside and picked her up. She was one of many strays that linger there because people feed them. She had a beautiful, shiny black coat and bright green eyes. She made me her new human on the spot, nuzzling up into my beard.

I brought her home to my wife and 5-year-old daughter. We named her Jinx. A trip to the vet showed us two things: 1. she was perfectly healthy; and 2. she didn’t like anyone except my family. I picked her up from the vet after she was spayed, and when the girl came out with the carrier (held at arm’s length!), Jinx was throwing a fit. So I took the carrier, put my face to the door, and said, “Hi sweetheart. Ready to go home?” Jinx gave the sweetest little meow ever. This surprised the vet and his assistants until I explained that she loves me because I rescued her and gave her a new family.

6. Black Cat Love

From Brittani Pohlman, Warner Robins, GA

four cats_800x467I moved to Okinawa, Japan in 2011 with my new husband, an Air Force staff sergeant. I’d always known I was an animal lover, but I didn’t realize how much until we moved. Less than a week later, I broke down crying to him, “I miss having something furry to love.” Being the awesome man he is, he took me to the animal shelter the next day.

After one look at the two black, 3.5-month-old kittens who extended their paws to me to beg for attention, I was in love. I had to get both! I named them Damon and Stefan, and they are the most loving boys imaginable.

Later that year, I began working at the animal shelter and came across another black kitten. She was so sweet and talkative; I knew I had to have her! My poor husband gave in, and we took her home with us. Unfortunately, she contracted an upper respiratory infection soon afterward, but now Katherine is healthy and a total love bug.

A year later in June, yet another black cat caught my eye. She had a bad bite wound, so we nursed her back to health. She proved to be a wonderful, 1.5-year-old cat. But no one wanted her! Over the next year and a half, we developed a special bond, until management (and my long-suffering husband) finally agreed to let me adopt her. Bonnie has spent half her life in a shelter, but I hope one day she only remembers me being her mommy.

Today we are back in the US as one big, happy family. I can’t go anywhere without my furry black shadows. I feel like the luckiest woman alive to have a multi-cat household that gets along so well!

7. I Was Definitely Not Looking For Another Pet

From Maureen, Glendale, CA
Oso_726x600I moved to the central mountains of Mexico with my 15-year-old Golden Retriever and my 25-pound flame point cat in 2010. I soon settled into my new life with new friends. Two of my first friends were chefs, and I tagged along to the local outdoor farmer’s market.

After parking, we crossed the dirt road to the market when I glimpsed a tiny black kitten emerging from under a truck and heading straight for the road. I ran back across the road, stopping taxis and a bus, and scooped up the kitten into one hand.

I found myself standing in the middle of the street holding this tiny, purring ball of fur. “Now what am I supposed to do with you?” It was the Day of the Dead and black cats are sometimes feared, especially in parts of Mexico. I definitely could not leave him there.

If I was going to “foster” this little thing, I needed kitten food and another litter box to isolate him from my other cat, Bean. Kitten and I drove to a grocery store, but they make you check your bags at the front of the store. So I put Kitten inside my purse and shopped as quickly as I could, hoping he would not wake up and start mewing. So there I was, hurriedly shopping with a kitten sleeping happily at the bottom of my purse, along with my keys.

I had only planned to “foster” Oso (spanish for “bear”), but this easy-going character won me over. He is surely a mama’s boy and rules the roost, 5 years later. We live in Southern California now. I am forever grateful that this crazy Mexican cat is in my life.

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