The Seven Luckiest Black Cat Stories That Have Crossed OUR Paths

Black cats are unlucky? Well, whoever said that didn’t know what they were talking about! Black felines rock, and seven owners who shared their adoption stories on the Animal Rescue Site can attest to that. So in the spirit of Halloween, let’s give it up for these ebony-furred, peridot-eyed pets and their rescue stories!

1. He Found Me

From Anonymous, Ulster, NY

Clint_800x600I volunteer at my local animal shelter. I already had two perfect cats and was adamant about not bringing home another.

I was sitting in the kitten room when a little black cat crawled out from under a cage and started rubbing on me. I pet him for quite a while. Later that day, I asked a veteran volunteer who the black kitten was. She had no idea and had never seen him before. I was surprised. I asked a staff member, and she said his name was Clint, but he was always hiding, so she only knew that he was seven months old and had been there since kittenhood.

The following week I was back in the kitten room petting a kitten on a cat tower. Suddenly Clint came out from under the cage again, walked right over to me, jumped on the cat tower, and purred. I started petting him and before I knew it, an hour had passed. The shelter was closing so I had to leave.

Over the next few weeks, I learned that he only came out for me. I was starting to get hooked. My husband convinced me to take him into the shelter to meet him, so we did. Clint was gone. I was disappointed but happy he found a home.

When I went back for my shift, I found out he was sick in quarantine. He remained sick for six weeks. I was heart-broken. Then on week seven, he was there. He ran straight over to me and started rubbing on my legs and meowing, like he was waiting for me.

I took him home that day. He never leaves my side.

2. A Black Cat Always Brings Good Luck

From Keisha Ross, Plattsburgh, NY

Samuel_337x600On Halloween night of 2011, I was relaxing with a movie after a crazy day. All the trick-or-treaters had gone home. Then the sound of a crying cat caught my attention. Seeing that I already had 3 cats, I checked on each one. All of them were fine, but I still heard the cries. I grabbed a flashlight and headed outside. The sounds grew louder with every step I took towards the trees. In the darkness, I saw a very small kitten in the brush. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

He was skin and bones, half sticking out of a plastic shopping bag that was tied closed. His face was bloody. My heart sank, and I slowly reached over to rip open the bag. As soon as I removed him from the plastic, I knew I had to do something. I went inside to find a small blanket for him. To my disbelief, he followed me into my home, where my other three cats immediately greeted him. I rushed around, looking for washcloths to clean him up, and before I knew it, my other cats had shown him to the food dish. He was so happy to be eating. I knew at this point he had stolen my heart.

After he was done, I cleaned his face and got him to the vet. He and a whole litter of black cats had been dumped on a major highway, and he was homeless.

That night as he lay on my pillow, cuddling me, I realized that he would never be homeless again. Now Sam is almost 3 years old and is a happy, healthy, loving young man. I was pretty sure I rescued him, but he rescued me.

3. My Two Black Cats…

From Louise Walston, Iwakuni-shi, Japan

Spooky and Momo_800x515I first met Spooky and Momo when I offered to house- and cat-sit for a friend whilst she visited family and friends. Spooky, a smoky, sooty-looking black cat with a white undercoat, was the first of four to greet me. He was a mostly outdoor cat with an obnoxiously loud meow when he wanted to be let in and fed. This was his fourth home in less than two years; he was a handful.

Momo was a tiny, black, skittish ball of fur, curious, but scared. A feral kitten in a construction lot, she was brought to the vet to be rescued. My friend grabbed her an hour before she was scheduled to be euthanized.

Spooky claimed me as family right away. He would stay with me every night, either curling up under my arm or sleeping on my chest. Momo didn’t want anything to do with me until my husband showed up. She promptly fell asleep in his lap, which never happened whilst I was there.

My friend soon came home. I got a phone call from her two days later, saying that Spooky hadn’t returned home since I’d left. I rushed to her house. There was Spooky, waiting for me at the corner of the street, meowing like mad. I picked him up, and he purred. I knew I couldn’t leave him behind again.

My friend kept Momo for a few more months but eventually called, asking if I wanted her or knew someone who did. I asked my husband if he was up to having another cat. He said yes. Momo still doesn’t like being held, but she does cuddle sometimes. And Spook doesn’t meow so loudly anymore, most times. I’m glad they chose us.

4. Orión, My Starry-Eyed Kitten

From Catalina, Cali, Colombia

Luis_800x600He started out as a regular, cute, black kitty called Luis. My husband took him in when he was about 5 months old. He loved playing with the dogs and running around everywhere. His cute, intelligent, and social personality made us fall in love with him immediately.

One day, when my husband was out, the kitten stole some meat from the man who took care of the animals and the house while my husband was absent. In a fit of rage, the man grabbed the poor baby and slammed him hard to the floor. The cat was paralyzed from the waist down. However, he still had feeling in his hind legs, so we hoped he would get better, and we gave him his proper treatment.

When my husband and I decided to move in together, we didn’t hesitate to bring the kitty with us. We renamed him Orión, since he was living a new and better life with us, our German shepherd, Osa, and our other black cat called Mina. It has not been easy. He had a clear lack of sphincter control issues, and he still couldn’t walk. But he became my baby, and I would not trade him for the world.

He has improved a lot. He almost stands up completely, and he walks on all four legs sometimes. However, even if he can’t walk completely upright or jump, he is a master at climbing. He can run surprisingly fast and he has managed to jump a considerable distance.

We just know that he is going to get better, and even if he doesn’t manage get completely well, he’s going to be all right. I am the proudest mom ever.

I can’t believe what the last submitter did to help a stray kitty!

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