Black Cat Walks On A Keyboard And Accidentally Plays ‘Horror Movie’ Music

Mitzi is a black cat who has a very unique sense of humor. At least, that is what we are choosing to believe here.

Mitzi’s owner caught her standing on the keyboard, but she wasn’t just up there for fun. She was playing music that sounds straight out of a horror film!

Photo: YouTube/Loz Lomas

Black cats get a bad enough rep without the extra spookiness of the tunes she was playing, but it seems that Mitzi’s owner wasn’t too afraid of the music. In fact, they recorded the tunes so we can all listen in to what a spooky masterpiece it is!

The primary objective of this video is very clear to us. “Oh, so you think that I’m the bad cat, eh? I’ll show you how bad I can be,” she seems to be saying.

Photo: YouTube/Loz Lomas

“Mitzi the cat plays some seriously frightening horror movie music with her paws!” reads the caption and we cannot stop laughing. We are beyond glad that Loz Lomas decided to share this with us.

This is the perfect chance for these two to collaborate. Now that Loz knows about Mitzi’s talent, maybe they can have a jam session of their own! She’s clearly got the horror movie aspect down pat. Some people even commented agreeing with her talent. One person said, “This is low-key 80s horror music-your cats a genius composer.” Another agreed, saying, “This is actually really good scary music.”

Photo: YouTube/Loz Lomas

Watch the fun video for yourself:

What do you think of Mitzi’s talent? Let us know!

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