Black Bear Is Killed After Locals Lured The Animal In With Food For Pictures

It is always sad when we hear about the death of an animal, including one as majestic as a black bear. Unfortunately, that is what took place after the bear got accustomed to living around humans in Canada.

The North Shore Black Bear Society went on Facebook last week to report that they had encountered a bear on a number of occasions over the summer. They called him Huckleberry and the sad news is that he was tranquilized and put down by conservation officers. It seemed as if Huckleberry was getting too comfortable around humans.

It seems as if the bear was lured into the area with food left out by local residents. They wanted to take pictures of the bear.

“On July 31st you were eating berries at the edge of the forest. We headed out to make sure you were not being crowded or chased by dogs. By the time we reached you, you were being followed by residents who wanted a video of you eating organics from an unlocked cart,” read the post. “Due to the crowd of people, it wasn’t safe for us to move you on. When you finished eating, you calmly walked by and left our gaze. That was the last time we saw you.”

“Later that day you were tranquilized by the Conservation Officers and taken away to be killed,” they continued. “You were willing to coexist, but people were not.”

According to NSBBS, Huckleberry appeared to be a good-natured bear and they are deeply saddened that they couldn’t save him. It’s sad when anything like this happens, but it happened for no reason.

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Huckleberry was first encountered on July 2. At first, he would leave the area quickly when humans arrived, but when they met him the next time, we see why he got his name.

“The next time we met, you were at the roadside eating berries. As we walked you back to the forest, you stood and sniffed a garbage can,” NSBBS shared. “We used a firm tone and told you to leave – you listened. As you walked away, you left a bright pink scat full of huckleberries! We were so proud of you for eating natural foods, despite all the tempting treats residents had left available to you. From that moment, we named you Huckleberry!”

They remember Huckleberry rolling his tongue and smelling the air as he headed back to the forest. That is indicative of a bear that recognizes humans. Meanwhile, residents were admitting to allowing the bear to pick through their garbage to take pictures.

The organization called that type of situation a death sentence for the bear. If the people would’ve used a firm voice, the bear would still be alive today. At the very least, Huckleberry would have respected that humans and bears don’t belong in the same location.

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