Biz, Out of the Blue

Kari had been perusing rescue sites and visiting adoption centers for years, but it wasn’t until a sickly white kitty mysteriously appeared in her backyard that she found the family member she’d been longing for.

After a year of careful nursing and gentle love, Biz, today’s Cat of the Day, is in full health, and Kari couldn’t be happier.

Read on for Biz’s full rescue story!


I’d been thinking of getting a cat for a couple of years, regularly skimming rescue sites and attending adoption events. When my 18-year-old son came to visit for the first time (I had given him up for adoption when I was a teen and we had recently reconnected), we stepped outside around midnight so he could smoke – I otherwise never would have been outside that hour. As we sat there, I noticed this small white thing sitting a few feet away and exclaimed, “Is that a cat?” My son approached the animal, who didn’t run or even cower. We brought him inside and fed him (recently cat-sitting for a friend meant I happened to have cat food). In the light I could see that the very thin, un-collared kitty had an injury on his face, was missing whiskers, and his tail looked as though it had been soaked in oil or gasoline. My son had been playing a civilization game in which he was conquering the world as Colonel Bizmark, so that is what we decided to call the creature. The following day we brought him to the vet, where we discovered he was about 7-8 months old, wasn’t neutered or micro-chipped, was covered with fleas and had a rib injury.

Less than a year later, my beautiful Biz is healthy, happy, and my little white shadow. I’ve heard of pets ‘choosing’ their owners, but Biz appearing just outside my door on such a special night with my son amazes me every day… he is the perfect kitty (my ‘soul cat’!) and I cannot imagine being without him. He is strong, curious, playful, gentle, independent, and so very loving. He has never tried to run away and seems quite pleased that I am his fur momma. Every day I am grateful for the kitty that seemed to drop out of the sky and into my world like the angel I needed.

Kari Alder
Los Angeles, CA
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