A Chained Up Dog’s Potential Is Unleashed By His Rescuers

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This beautiful Husky spent his entire life chained up, kept away from every single thing a dog should get to enjoy. Then one day, that all changed! Biscuit, along with his eight doggy siblings, were rescued and said goodbye to life on a chain for good!

With patience, persistence and love, a dog like Biscuit can be transformed into a wonderful companion. His former life can be a thing of the past if he can replace it with fond memories and lots of love. That is why being rescued and treated like a prince is something all dogs like Biscuit deserve. Watch what his life is like now!

Amy Hines, a staff member with Dogs Deserve Better, rescued Biscuit from a property in Kentucky. He, along with his siblings, was brought to Good Newz Rehab Center in Virginia. The center is located on the same property as Michael Vick’s Bad Newz Kennels. A place that was a place of horrors is now a place of miracles. Don’t you just love karma!!!???

The day that Amy Hines rescued Biscuit, she filmed his very first freedom run. I get teary-eyed every single time I watch it! I just love this dog! What a furry little warrior! To see Biscuit celebrate his first taste of freedom, click here!

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