Instagram Account Reimagines Birds With Human Arms And The Results Are Hilarious

We see a lot of funny things on the internet, but perhaps the most hilarious thing to grace us in a while is Birds with Arms, a series of photos that have been reworked to show birds who have different arms. As you can imagine, the results are nothing short of hilarious.

Check out some of the hilarious ones below:

1. Dueling Pigeon

Pigeons normally look pretty chill in real life. But in this photo, with some buff arms and a sword, this pigeon looks absolutely terrifying. Wouldn’t want to get on his wrong side,

2. Rock On!

This particular bird looks like he’s giving the concert performance of a lifetime. It’s amazing what a little photoshop can do.

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3. Workout vs Eating Out

This picture perfectly represents the two kinds of people in this world. And the fact that it’s being recreated by birds just makes it that much funnier.

4. Me During Quarantine

Add some arms to this chubby bird, along with a photoshopped tablet, and we’ve got a scary visualization of what we all must look like during quarantine.

5. Acoustic Guitar Hero

This bird looks like he’s about to play an acoustic version of guitar hero. And we respect that.

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6. Fight Me

If you take away this bird’s photoshopped arms, he’s already pretty feisty-looking. But then you add in the arms, and it looks like he’s about to take the argument to the streets.

7. Kisses

Adding arms and a drink to this bird makes him look like your drunk aunt at Thanksgiving giving everyone attitude. Every family has one.

8. Words Are Lost

Most of these bird photos are hilarious. But this one is just bizarre. We have no words for the photo.

9. Off to School

Give this little bird a photoshopped backpack and arms and he looks like he’s off to his first day of kindergarten. It’s actually quite adorable.

10. More Wine?

Penguins look like waiters in little tuxedos. But if you add some arms and a wine bottle it makes it even more accurate.

11. We’re Not Sure What This Is

I think this bathroom scene sums up the weirdness that is birds with arms.

What do you think of the birds with arms? Aren’t they hilarious? Let us know what you think.

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