Birds and Humans: The Strongest Bond on Earth?

When we think of pets, our minds usually jolt to dogs and cats, right? Birds do come into the picture eventually, sure, but isn’t it always of small birds kept indoors?

Well, what if I told you that there are strong relationships between humans and birds across the globe? What if I told you that birds are one of the greatest pets you could imagine having, AND that you wouldn’t have to keep them in indoors, or in a cage?

You’re about to find out how, and why.

They’ll reenact famous film scenes with you!


A photo posted by Penguin Bloom (@penguinthemagpie) on

The magnificent magpie pictured above and below is named Penguin. It’s safe to say that, at this point, she’s an integral part to the Bloom family, residing in a tree near their house in Newport, Australia. How did this come to be?

When Penguin was a baby, she fell out of the tree, injuring her wing. The family came upon her and promptly inquired about how best to nurse her back to health. And that’s just what they did. 

Fast forward a year and a half, and you see these pictures. More than that, you see that Penguin has become much more than just a bird out in the back yard. She’s a pet. She’s family. She snuggles up in bed with the children. She plays catch. She sings when they return.

Theirs is a relationship that was built on reciprocity. Which is not so strange when it comes to the interactions of bird and human.

They’ll make a nest out of your hair!

Reunited with Maris. @Maris.t xx A photo posted by Penguin Bloom (@penguinthemagpie) on

They’ll even help you reach those physical goals you never thought were possible!

Tuesday morning pump @samjbloom

A photo posted by Penguin Bloom (@penguinthemagpie) on

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For our next example of the rewarding relationship between birds and humans, look no further than Seattle, Washington. It’s there that eight-year-old Gabi Mann resides. It’s also where her favorite crows reside.


Lisa Mann/ BBC News

Their relationship began as an accident, really, with the crows swooping in on young Gabi’s dropped food. But, as Gabi grew older, and as Gabi realized that the crows were still hanging around, she began feeding them intentionally, first from her packed lunches, and eventually as a daily ritual, with bird-feeder platforms and all.


Lisa Mann/BBC News

What Gabi didn’t expect was for the crows to feel the need to reciprocate. Soon after the crows adopted the routine, strange things started showing up on the bird feeder. Earrings. A hinge. Rocks. Washers and bolts.


Katy Sewall/BBC News

Which, as you can read in this article, is unique, but not uncommon. Yet, one fact continues to shine through: the relationships are built on reciprocity.

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Go on now, be friends with your backyard birds! You may just get a treat!

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