Turn Your Roof Into A Bird Sanctuary With These Innovative Roof Tiles

Most of us probably don’t give a second thought to the sound of birds in the morning. But while a lot of us don’t seem to think much about bird populations, within the urban settings, the bird populations are actually shrinking.

Given that the numbers of birds in an urban space were going down, one product designer from The Netherlands, Klaas Kuiken, was inspired to get creative and do something about it. Kuiken then designed the Birdhouse Roof tile – something to replace standard ceramic roof tiles.

The idea behind the Birdhouse Roof tile is to provide a nesting place on your roof for birds. It is directly placed beneath the roof tile, and this location provides plenty of ventilation for nesting birds, as well as cover from potential predators.

The rooftop nest comes designed with a removable basket that accesses a nest below. It has a wooden slat that is framed with a screen to help keep the birds from getting into the rest of the home or building. The design also has thought of the breeding season and made sure that it’s easy to clean.

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The Vogelbescherming, or the Dutch bird association, was consulted on the design of the Roof tile by Kuiken. What he found was that it was indeed a good nesting place for birds. Additionally, the association determined that the birdhouse was aesthetically pleasing as well. And since birds are known to flock together and nest in groups, it has been recommended that there be several birdhouse tiles placed together – on both the north and east sides of the roof.


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