Bird Tells Boxer Friend, “Don’t Bite!”

Mr. Mayi the blue and gold Macaw is about 12 years old and a rescue. He enjoys talking up a storm and cat-call whistling while spreading his wings to get clean in the shower. His owner says he is a not a pet, but a member of the flock/family!

Mr. Mayi climbs down from his cage to visit with his 2-year-old boxer friend, Rascal all the time! When Rascal get’s too close, Mr. Mayi lays down the law, saying, “Don’t bite!”

Macaws can live to be 60 years old and are a serious commitment! These birds need 2-3 hours of play time outside of their cage every day and can get very loud. Their beaks are incredibly strong and need plenty of fun toys to chew on.

Macaws are not great apartment birds because they are very loud and need a lot of room. In the right situation they thrive and are a joy to the household and visitors alike! They enjoy interacting with people and pets, as is seen in Mr. Mayi’s fun talk with his pal Rascal.

Do you have a bird that knows how to talk to his animal friends? We’d love to see! Share your funny animal moments in the comments!

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