The Battle for Survival Commences as This Bird Steals Food Away from Its Friend

Birds are given the ability to create their own freedom with their wings. Life seems so easy for them, but they still have to fight for survival. Hunting food and finding a home safe from lurking predators is their everyday life. But as the world advances, a bird’s strategy also changes. Since they can go anywhere, there are birds accustomed to city life. Instead of searching for food in the wild, they hunt food from the streets. In some instances, humans provide the free-roaming birds with food such as bird feed or bread. Other people even install a bird feeder in their yards or terraces. Their hunting grounds became wider — feathered creatures are rich with options.

Photo: Reddit/jpatel35

However, the fight for survival still exists. Humans still witness battles for food between birds. Interestingly, one of those occurred in front of a person kind enough to offer a meal. Redditor jpatel35 posted the clip (also posted to Twitter, fittingly) with the caption, “This is Sparta!” The human was giving a potato fry to a bird perched on her side mirror. It was about to peck the potato fry when another bird stole it away. It even kicked the first bird away from the human’s hands and then quickly took its rival’s place. The video was in slow motion so you can actually see how brutal the bird fought for a fry.

It was like watching Animal Planet but in an urban area. Netizens found the video hilarious and interesting, and the video has gained 2.6k upvotes. Some people were astounded, while others shared that sparrows are really brutal, even to their own kind. “That’s the go-to maneuver for birds; just swoop in and body check the other bird to get the food, or in this case dropkick,” thewontonsofbonscott commented. It certainly is tough out there — someone nearby is always closely observing in an effort to steal one’s food. The video below will also steal your attention.

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