A Weird Noise Was Coming From Inside The Hood Of A Car, You Will Never Guess What The Mechanic Found Once He Looked Inside!

A car owner was having some issues with his car. There were noises coming from inside the hood so logically he took it in to be inspected, and fixed, by the mechanic. Turns out, it wasn’t something a mechanic typically sees. The noises were of a bird stuck inside! Can you imagine? Not only did the mechanic “fix” the problem, he also saved the bird’s life by happily releasing him back into the world. So sweet!

Do you like rescue stories? Yea, me too! That’s why this is one of my favorites! This poor dog was sadly at death’s door when rescuers found her. She couldn’t even walk. Getting her healthy was going to be a long road but the animal shelter volunteers knew she had it in her to keep fighting. And she did! What happened next was nothing short of a miracle! She needed a custom wheelchair AND a home. A family-owned company that makes custom wheelchairs made one just for her. Then, when they met her, they fell head over paws in love with her. And guess what?! They adopted her! Best. Outcome. Ever.

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