There’s Nothing Scarier (OR FUNNIER) Than A Playful Duck!

I can’t stop laughing while watching this video. It’s been on replay for an entire hour (no, I’m not kidding)! Maybe it’s the cartoon hands The Dodo cleverly puts on the bird? You cannot go wrong by pressing play. I promise!

Here’s some bird humor for you:

After much competition, a very talented magician had just obtained a job performing on a luxury cruise ship. Each night his pet parrot interrupted and spoiled his performance by saying “It’s up his sleeve”, “It’s in his pocket” “It’s in his shoe”, etc, etc. One night while performing the act, the ship’s boiler blew up and the ship sank. The fortunate magician was able to grab onto one of the ship’s planks, and along with his parrot, floated on the sea. The first few days that the wood drifted, the parrot just stared at the magician looking puzzled. On the 4th day the bewildered parrot looked at his master and said “I give up, what did you do with the ship?”

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