This Big Dog Is Begging A Tiny Kitten To Play With Him And It’s Absolutely Adorable!

The cure for any bad day exists in this video, trust me. Just look at the sweetness of the dog’s eyes as he gazes at his new potential playmate! And the slightly dazed indifference on the kitten’s face as it tries to understand what the heck the big furry fella on the floor is trying to do is priceless! These guys will be future BFFs, I’m sure!

This gentle giant is curious about his new tiny friend, and wants some attention from her. When she starts delicately trying to bathe herself, he bumps her with his nose a couple times, nearly pushing her over!

She regains her balance and tries to bathe herself again. Again, her huge new friend nudges her with his muzzle and this time she turns around and swipes at him! But, little miss kitty didn’t make contact — probably because her paw is about a fifth the size of his face!

This game continues with increasing adorableness. Watch this cute battle of wills and try to predict what will happen! Will the kitten give in? Will the dog give up? Take a look!

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