Dad Helps English Mastiff That’s Afraid Of The Water Learn To Swim

When we think of big dogs, we often thing of them as being fearless. They’re not supposed to be afraid of anything.

In fact, we like to think of them as our protectors, therefore they aren’t supposed to fear anything.

However, anyone who has ever owned a big dog knows that they can actually be giant softies at heart.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

And some of the things that these large canines fear, are actually quite silly. But it’s so cute to watch them get all flustered over something so minor.

One great example is Sampson, the English Mastiff. The large, imposing pooch is actually afraid of water.

Photo: YouTube/stephen kemp

He’s so afraid that when his owner gets him near the pool, the big boy ends up needing a little bit of loving encouragement to brave the waters of the pool.

Photo: YouTube/stephen kemp

Watch the adorable video below:

What is your big dog afraid of? Let us know!

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