5 Big Companies You Didn’t Know Loved Pets!

Hate that look on your dog’s face when you leave for work in the morning? Get a job at one of these 5 companies and you’ll never have to see it again! Check out this list & find out how these innovative workplaces are making canines part of the team.

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1. Bissell Homecare, Inc.

Location: Grand Rapids, MI

Bissell may be known for helping pet owners clean up after their furry friends, but did you know the company is all about a pet-friendly workplace? Seventy two percent of Bissell employees are pet owners, and CEO Mark Bissell and his wife, Cathy, are the proud parents of three black Labs. Members of their product development team are encouraged to bring their pets to “Pet Spot” — their headquarters’ pet-friendly facility — where they can become inspiration for even better cleaning products.

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