He Misses His Best Friend So Much, Then He Thinks He Sees Him Coming Up The Driveway

Being apart is the single hardest thing to do when you really love someone. A family member, a sibling, a good friend… Seriously, it doesn’t matter what specie you are!

Dogs, like other animals and people, form bonds that are unbreakable. They are pack animals and their pack is their family. When a pack member leaves, a piece of them leaves with them.

This dog was seriously missing his best friend, his other half. He would wait for him every single day! Then… suddenly, he thinks he sees him coming up the driveway. THEN… he totally loses it! In a good way. OMG! It’s my BFF. YAY!


This video is proof that dogs really do feel like we do. They really do have deep emotions. I LOVE DOGS!


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