Beth and Howard Stern Fostered 47 Cats

Fostering animals is a great gift to give if you have the time and budget. According to ABC News, Beth Stern and her husband, popular shock-jock Howard Stern, chose to foster 47 cats.

"It started in June," Stern told ABC News. "I'm aware that a lot of these smaller, municipal shelters are overcrowded and they have to euthanize, so I wanted to grab kittens from death row. When they were ready, I had them spayed and neutered and delivered them to [adoptive] families. It was hard to say goodbye!"

Beth has been an advocate for rescue pets for a while and works with the North Shore Animal League as a spokesperson. She has numerous adopted cats including Charlie Boy, Leon Bear, Apple, Walter and Bella.

Of the 47 cats, Bella was the only one for which they weren't able to find a permanent home. So they chose to keep her. Bella is a calico feline who is completely blind. When she was born, one of her eyes was unable to develop and the other had to be surgically removed more recently. Now Bella is receiving loads of love from both of her new owners.

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