These Amazing Rescue Stories Show How Loving All Of You Are!

Those of us at the Animal Rescue Site know one thing for sure: our readers are absolutely the most caring and amazing people around! Every day, people send us stories about rescuing cats and dogs (and a few other species!), illustrating how impactful animals in our lives can be. While there are literally hundreds of amazing stories that you can read, these are a handful of the most dramatic and heartwarming, showing just how generous and beautiful our readers can be. Prepare your tissues!

Our first story is tragic, but beautiful, with an ending that will warm your heart.

During college I worked at a local Animal Hospital. One weekend I stopped by and was told about a kitten that was scheduled to be euthanized. I went to find the kitten but only found what seemed to be an empty cage. Back in the corner of the cage was an orange ball of fur. The kitten was barley moving and seemingly lifeless.

She had been struck in the head by a dog at her previous owners’ home, and could no longer walk. The owners chose euthanasia instead of treatment. I asked the veterinarian to delay the procedure till Monday so I could foster her through the weekend. I wanted her last days to be filled with love and affection.

I spent the weekend taking care of her. She would eat if food was held to her mouth and go to the bathroom if she was held up in her litter box. Despite all of this, she still could not move. She would simply lay motionless whenever she was laid down. Sunday night arrived and she still hadn’t walked. I lost hope. I knew that a life of being helpless and immobile was not fair to her. I laid down with her and said a prayer while she purred next to my cheek.

Monday morning arrived, and my family and I began saying our goodbyes. My father held her and I began to cry. At that moment she leapt from his chest to the floor. I jumped down, fearing she was hurt or injured. But she was neither. She was walking! Slowly and sideways, but walking none the less! Her coordination and balance slowly improved and she has walked every day since.

Beepers, as I later named her, has become a permanent member of my home. She is my miracle kitten and truly the best cat I have ever owned. She loves to be cuddled and runs around the house like she’s been doing it her whole life. Every day I’m thankful I walked into the clinic that day, and that she walked into my life.

Megan G
Decatur, IL

It takes a huge heart to help a cat so desperately in need. Thank you Megan!

Next up is one of my favorite stories submitted this year, about a truly amazing dog named Jett…

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