The Hilarious Bulldogs in This Video Compilation Will Make Your Day

Admission time. . . I LOVE Bulldogs! Sure, they might slobber a bit more than other breeds, but their distinct waddle/walk, their adorable squished noses, and their incredibly loving temperament has always won me over!

While they need more attention than some other breeds due to potential medical issues, if you keep them in a cool environment and monitor their food, they are the greatest little guys to have around! Anyone that has come across these squat and beautiful pups will agree! And here is proof!

So which silly pup in this “best of Bulldogs” compilation is your favorite? Was it the one that couldn’t walk down a hill without falling? Or how about the Bulldog that literally nods “yes?” Or could it be the same as my favorite, the one at the end that can push his ball with his tongue? I LOVE THIS VIDEO!

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