Choosing The Best Food For Your Dog

Choosing the proper dog food for your pet can sometimes be a daunting task, given the multitude of choices. Unfortunately, there is not a simple trick to picking the right food because every dog is different. However, there are a few things to consider when choosing food for your dog.

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Life Stage

When choosing food for your dog, consider their stage of life. Dogs have different nutritional requirements at different stages of life, so it is very important to feed them for their age. For example, if a puppy eats adult food, it will not get the high amounts of calories, proteins, and other nutrients necessary for proper growth. On the other hand, if you feed an adult dog puppy food, it may become overweight.

Food Type

Not only are there different foods for different life stages, but there are also different types of food: dry food, semi-moist and canned. Many dog owners wonder which of these types of food is the best, but again, it varies from dog to dog. You can try out the different types of food to see which is best for your dog, but dry food is recommended most often.


Foods with high-quality ingredients are going to be the most nutritious for your dog. When looking for nutritious food, the best place to start is to look at the list of ingredients. Foods with meat, fish, or eggs listed as the primary ingredients are going to be the healthiest for your dog. Even though high-quality dog food might be a little more expensive, your dog will get much more nutrition from it than from cheaper brands. But remember, just because a brand of food is more expensive does not necessarily mean that it is higher-quality.

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Switching Foods

After choosing a new food for your dog, take your time switching to the new food. A sudden change in food can make it harder to digest. Try switching to the new food over the course of 7-10, slowly mixing in the new food with the old food. Gradually add more and more of the new food until you are no longer using the old food.

Assessing Your Pet’s Health

Once you start your dog on a new food, stick with that food for at least a month. After about a month on the new food, take a look at your dog. Bright eyes, a shiny coat, and good energy will let you know that your dog is getting the proper nutrition.

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