Top 10 Best Cities For Dogs

Due to the current climate of the world, many employers are opting to shift employee positions from in-person to virtual work. This means that more people are working from home and have options to telecommute from anywhere in the world. Some companies have decided to keep this change moving forward, while others are doing a temporary virtual run until things open back up after COVID-19 is less of a health crisis.

Either way, it’s clear that working from home has pushed the demand for pets, and adoption rates have skyrocketed for dogs and cats alike. With more people owning dogs and working remotely, it may have some wondering: What’s the best city to own a dog in?

As a dog owner, which city in the U.S., has the most dog-friendly features, laws, and communities?

Photo: Pixabay

Forbes set out to answer this question and provided the top 10 best cities for dogs. According to them, these are the most dog-friendly cities in the U.S.

1. Henderson, Nevada

Photo: flickr/ilovebutter

2. Tampa, Florida

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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3 & 4 tied:

Las Vegas, Nevada

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Portland, Oregon

Photo: Pixabay

5 & 6 tied:

Nashville, Tennessee

Photo: Pixabay

Norfolk, Virginia

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

7. Irving, Texas

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

8 & 9 & 10 tied:

Austin, Texas

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Richmond, Virginia

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Scottsdale, Arizona

Photo: Pixabay
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