The Ending Will Make You Want To Replay This Video A Dozen Times!

Benji just might be the cutest little guy I’ve seen in a long time! He is obviously loved very much. Just look at that adorable little face! And look at all his fun toys! Of course, just like us humans, he has his favorite buddy. Having a best friend is a major part of life and Benji seems to have chosen wisely. Or has he? Watch as his human asks repeatedly who is his best friend. Faced with ever increasing difficulty, he nails his selection every time. Every time that is, until the ultimate choice is put before him. You can see the tension. There is the slightest of “paw”ses and then he makes his choice. If you ask me, he most definitely made the best possible choice. 🙂 I’m fairly certain you will be watching this one a few more times!

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