Aww, This Puts A Whole New Spin On Taking Your “Kid” To Work. Benjamin Is The Cutest!

In my opinion, there is nothing cuter than a baby goat. Benjamin is a five week old pigmy goat who was orphaned after his mother couldn’t care for him. Luckily for Benjamin, he was “adopted” by a kind hearted man named Tom, who has been bottle feeding him day and night. Benjamin is now a healthy, hyper, fuzzy, and adorable ball of fun who follows Tom everywhere around the Pot House Hamlet in Yorkshire where Tom works. Benjamin is a customer favorite, and greets them with a skip and a jump when they arrive. When Benjamin is old enough, Tom will move him into the pasture with the other goats so that he can live a normal life. This puts a whole new meaning to the phrase “taking your kid to work”!

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