Woman’s Best Friend Was Stolen From Her Yard. 7 Years Later, Fate Interjected

She instantly panicked and began looking for him. Every day she would go on a walk to search for him, but to no avail. Months turned into years, and Bemis was still nowhere to be found. She kept her phone number the same for the next four years since it was connected to Bemis’ microchip, in the hopes that her phone would ring, with the person on the other end telling her that Bemis had been found.

“It was kind of then that I sort of gave up hope,” Accettola told the Gaston Gazette. “But come to find out, even changing your phone number can’t stop fate from happening.”

Mike Hensdill/The Gazette
Mike Hensdill/The Gazette

Everything changed when a woman named Tracy Tucker was driving to work in Gastonia, North Carolina, earlier this year. She pulled over when she saw a lost dog roaming the street alone. She opened her car door, and the little dog hopped right in without hesitation.

Then she took him to get checked at Wilkinson Animal Hospital, where they discovered he had a microchip. Since the phone number had been changed, they contacted the American Kennel Club Reunite, who helped match his microchip to an address in Sacramento, California, Accettola’s mother-in-law’s home. They sent a letter there, telling them that Bemis had been found.

Mike Hensdill/The Gazette
Mike Hensdill/The Gazette

Accettola, who now works in San Diego, read the letter and immediately flew to Charlotte to reunite with her beloved Bemis. And their reunion was just as emotional as you’d suspect.

While it’s unknown where Bemis has been all of these years, it’s clear that he and Accettola will now be making up for lost time. She plans to take him to the beach, which was his favorite place to be.

“Miracles do occur and this is the proof that they occur,” she told Gaston Gazette.

Watch their touching reunion in the video below:

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