Always Loyal: Fire Captain Writes Heart-Wrenching Tribute To Dog

St. Louis Fire Captain Gregg Favre rescued his dog Bella while he was working. They developed a strong bond over the next 10 years.

“Over the years we’ve taken 1000s of walks together – from state parks to national monuments, cathedrals to universities. As life came crashing against our door –grad school, promotions, loss, injury & sickness– our routine stayed the same. She was always grounding. Always loyal,” Favre said.

Sadly, Bella developed cancer four months ago. Their time together would be cut short.

Source: Twitter/@GreggFavre
St. Louis Fire Captain Gregg Favre rescued his dog Bella while working at a fire station.

“I could spend weeks posting pictures & telling you stories of how funny, brave & tender she was. My point to all of this is that love & loss go hand in hand. Bella & I made the most of our time & I hope that in your life, you are cultivating your own brand of joy,” Favre wrote.

Bella brought joy to the fire captain’s life, and a friendship even his own wife would envy.

Source: Twitter/@GreggFavre
Bella spent 10 years with Favre.

When Bella passed away, the loss was heartbreaking, but Favre knew there was still something he could do to help others. He and his wife donated their dog’s unused cancer medications to Stray Rescue, the organization that helped Bella when she was first rescued, and helps others who cannot afford the medicine.

He also shared his story with the world.

Source: Twitter/@GreggFavre
Months ago, Bella developed cancer, which advanced quickly.

“Finally, if you’ve come this far in this thread, please watch this short clip. Since her diagnosis 4 months ago, I’ve said this poem to Bella on every walk we’ve taken. As I held her last night, before she slipped away, I told her once more, “heart to chest.” Goodbye my friend,” Favre wrote.

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